Product Research

Getting to know the users, their goals, and the project problem space.
From auditing a product for heuristic best practices to conducting usability tests, I jump at the chance to get to know the users and the problem space as much as I can.
Below are some snap shots of some research initiatives I have led.
Heuristics, Design Principles and WCAG Accessibility

UX/UI Auditing

Product Stage



Audits are one of my favorite ways to begin a project. Even before participating in a workshop I love to come in to a project without preconceived ideas and figure out what impression it leaves.

With each audit I have led, I have found another lens I want to look at the software through. The most recent audits I have led included usability heuristics, design principles, accessibility practices, and a usability testing session.

Usability testing session

Usability Testing

Product Stage

Discovery | Validation


While it’s easy to make suggestions around best practices, nothing beats watching someone use a product.

After developing a test plan and conducting testing with a teammate, it was easy to see that the usability sessions uncovered something we hadn’t seen in or initial look. While we had looked through each and every permeation of the app we had not seen the gap that existed between the screens when using it in its entirety, something that became a large focus of the recommendations.

UX debt matrix

UX Debt Prioritization

Product Stage

Roadmapping | Sprint Planning


Sorting UX debt can often be a daunting task for clients, but upon completion of an audit it becomes much easier to feel confident the issues have been compiled and begin to sort out what things are high value features to strive for, medium value easily implementable, and overall things that might not be worth addressing yet. My favorite way to help client sort UX debt is be taking UX/UI Audit findings and plotting them out on a UX Debt Matrix.

Kano analysis survey and data

Kano Analysis

product Stage



One of the research methods I was eager to try out was the Kano Analysis.
There is nothing quite like getting qualitative data that can be quantified.

Kano Analysis's help determine what users will expect, like or dislike in a product.

Figma file in prototype mode

Prototypes for User Research

Product Stage

Design | Validation


As much as I love to always be involved with research for a product that I am to design, it is not always possible. For several clients I have created prototypes for UXers or Product Managers in order for them to use in testing. This often entails gather research goals and establishing a happy path that will allow for

Headings Tree and Landmarks Images

Accessibility Checks

product Stage

All Stages


Accessibility is everyones job, and I take that seriously.
Whether it is to point out accessibility concerns in a design critique or to run automatic or manual tests on products, I do what I can to make sure everyone's experience is considered at all stages of the process.

My Design Deliverables

As no two clients are the same, neither is the work that I do for them.

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