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I'm Leana and I design products for companies who are looking to create beautiful and accessible digital products.

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How can I help?


When designing a product, I work with the needs of the business, the users, and the developers to create deliverables that are just as useable and accessible as they are beautiful.


I can help identify and implement the right methods for research initiatives that will give you the information you need to make decisions about your product.


With modern web tools like webflow, I create accessible and beautiful websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without touching a dev environment.

My Work

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I have designed for products in many industries from farming to digital content production, but to me, a well designed product needs the same thing at it's core, to be just as useable and accessible as it is beautiful.

On a team, I bring enthusiasm for collaborating on ways to merge all the dreams, requirements, and constraints surrounding a project into a clear and implementable product.